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See what other people are saying about our Ventana Palms apartments! At Ventana Palms Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Verified Resident

Long term resident
I went to the office to pay rent and saw that the lady at the front desk returned. Carmelita is amazing and It was good to see she returned. I hope she she doesn't leave again


Julie and Krystal are great. Julie does her best to make things fair. She really puts her all into the community. When something is brought to her attention she does her best to correct it. The building it self has issues. That has nothing to do with the office staff. I stayed for one year and yes there was issue but Julie communicates. And I appreciate everything she does. Issues are everywhere even at a A property things can arise it’s all about communication and they definitely do.


These apartments r really nice and clean. Julia and Krystal or 2 of the best in the business These 2 ladies care bout the people that live here They show alot pf care in helping people. A great place to live. I'm very happy


Verified Resident

I have only been a resident for about 2 months now, but I must say from the beginning of the process until now has been wonderful and a blessing all thanks to Julie and Krystal. The complex is quite and neat. I can honestly say its home.


I love the leasing managers there really sweet and understanding . I live in a better area than where I was before The only thing that could help these apartments is if the people that live here would learn how to pick up their dogs poop there’s viruses going around now for dogs that I don’t want my dog to get sick. I have two little fur babies that I love with all my heart, I would appreciate it if my neighbors show some respect and learn how to pick up their dogs, poop and especially they need to stop throwing trash everywhere These apartments are nice and all But if you guys would put a sign Right where doggy Pick up bags are That says pick up your Poop or it’s a fee And put a camera right there the neighbors can Actually, pick up their dogs poop It’s just a suggestion it will help out a lot I really don’t want my dog getting sick but I’d rate these apartments like a 3.5 star


Going on two years here, Julie does her best and goes the distance for tenants that comply with what you sign up for. Many seem to have fault with management when situations don’t go there way or a sense of entitlement kicks in. Yet none seem to exercise foresight and not put themselves in a predicament where your asking management to do the most. So basically if you park in another tenants spot and get towed. That’s your fault, it’s apart of the lease. Second, you got an apartment issue, go on line and put an AMC maintenance request and I bet you they respond. As for the kids that write wash me on my car when it’s dirty, I don’t trip because that’s what kids do, they yell at each other, play in the street, all that. But that’s apart of our community. A community which Julie tries her best to maintain. So if you decide to move here, do your part and I promise you Julie will do hers.


Julie is the best, been a resident here going on two years, she’s understanding and helps tenants. Be real with her and comply with your tenant agreement and she will go the distance for you. #Facts


Verified Resident

Incredible staff
Great staff, love the privacy, and I feel safe. Krystal at the front desk has been a big help for me since I’ve been here and a awesome person as well.


Julie and Christina have been wonderful to work with. Julie went above and beyond to work with us to get us into a unit. My interactions with them have consistently been friendly and professional, unique to my experience with other complexes!


We have lived here for a little over 2 years. There had been so many different issues with having no hot water, not enough parking spots and other things that come with apt living. But finally something is getting and has been done about it. Julie, our manager and Dee Dee, I believe she is our regional mgr, have been so very understanding and helpful. They really care about us and literally, hands on, helped us with getting our hot water back on after a major leak was found in the grounds. I just want to tell them both, thank you for what you are doing to improve our living space. You have been great!!

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